The Accumulated effects of Stretching


The Accumulated effects of Stretching

Stretching once won’t turn you into Mr.Elastic, to reap the maximum benefits of stretching (and extra flexibility + mobility), ensure you stay committed and turn stretching into a habit. It takes several months of stretching to become flexible, but it only takes several weeks of not stretching to become stiff.

Leg stretches are particularly essential to keep the muscles at the back of your thigh elastic. Sit comfortably on the floor with your legs forward, then, slowly slide your hands to your feet until you feel a burning sensation, ensuring your legs remain perfectly straight at all times. Hold for 30 seconds, then return to a posture. Remember that you may not be able to touch your feet when first starting out, but that’s just the starting ground.

Where to begin

Daily stretching may appear overwhelming. But the regions critical for flexibility are on your lower extremities: your hamstrings, your hip flexors from the pelvis and quadriceps at the front part of the thigh. Neck, and lower back stretching could also be beneficial if you have some sort of pain in those areas. Create a schedule for stretching consisting of at least 2 minutes every day; this simple psychological trick will force your mind to stretch more.

Alternatively, locate a physical therapist who can evaluate your muscle power and tailor a stretching program for your needs.

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